NAM NGUYEN – Visiting Artist Talk, Wed 1 Nov, 12 Noon

William and Isabel Pope Artist-in-Residence, Nam Nguyen, will discuss his exhibition at 12 Noon on Wed 1 November. Everyone is welcome!

Gallery 2
A Cadence for Unremembered Shades
Nam Nguyen, William and Isabel Pope Artist-in-Residence

Nguyen offers, “In the past year, I have made a departure in my work to isolate and develop my fascination with the atmospheric effects possible in the craft of oil painting. The challenge and freedom of these works rests in the intuitive process in which they are made.  My practical concern resides in the technical questions of layering, to create a resonating depth of color and light as varying states of emergence and submergence. It is my intention that these paintings function as image spaces for an ongoing practice of contemplation.”

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