Oct 18 – 21, 2017

Gallery 1
Duane Linklater
Gallery 2
Cuppetelli + Mendoza
Gallery 3
Ghorbel + Mhiri

//RESPONSIVE @ Anna Leonowens Gallery:

WED 18 OCT: 7PM – 12AM
THURS 19 OCT: 12PM – 12AM
FRI 20 OCT: 12PM – 12AM
SAT 20 OCT: 12PM – 12AM

Gallery 1
Duane Linklater, presented in partnership with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia 
Tautology is a series of neon sculptures depicting the thunderbird, a legendary creature in various North American Indigenous cultures. Linklater appropriated this specific thunderbird image from Norval Morrisseau’s seminal painting, Androgyny (1983). By reanimating the bird in neon—a contemporary, commercial material—Linklater inserts the traditional icon into contemporary discourse. In line with Linklater’s previous work, Tautology explores notions of translation, repetition and symbolism to critically examine ideas of authorship and cultural appropriation.Biography
Duane Linklater (b. 1976) is Omaskêko Cree from Moose Cree First Nation on James Bay. Winner of the 2013 Sobey Art Award, Canada’s pre-eminent award for contemporary art, Linklater has participated in exhibitions across North America. He currently resides in North Bay, Ontario.

Gallery 2
Notional Field
Cuppetelli & Mendoza, visiting artists

Notional Field is an interactive installation that consists of a wall-mounted sculpture containing hundreds of vertical and parallel lines made of elastic cord that are projected upon with a computer-generated, interactive animation influenced by the movements of the viewer. The piece revolves around the idea of interface, which is interpreted as the point of contact between two different entities, and is displayed in the work in several ways: between the viewer and the piece (a human/computer interface); between the real and the virtual (the physical structure and its relationship with the projected structure); between the foreground and the background (as the projection interferes with the sculpture).

Annica Cuppetelli and Cristobal Mendoza began collaborating as Cuppetelli & Mendoza in 2010. They create installations and objects that combine physical elements with digital technologies, composing sensual, immersive and dynamic experiences. Based in Detroit, their work has been exhibited in the Denver Art Museum, the Bienal de Video y Artes Mediales in Chile and in festivals such as Nemo 2013 (France), Scopitone 2012 (France), ISEA 2012, FILE 2011 (Brazil), FAD 2011 (Brazil) and video_dumbo 2013 and 2011 (New York).

Gallery 3
Empty Memory
Ghorbel + Mhiri, visiting artists

Empty Memory is a performance installation made with wire and black light, with the aim of reviving the memory of a space. Ghorbel + Mhiri present an examination of cultural and intellectual heritage, translated into a space that has been rethought and reshaped by luminous wire.

Houda Ghorbel and Wadi Mhiri are multidisciplinary artists based in Tunis, North Africa. Their works cross the genres: installation, video, performance, ceramics and architecture of space. They have exhibited extensively throughout Africa, Europe and North America.

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