Mindy Yan Miller @ Port Loggia

Sorting Party Acknowledgements

This work started with an invitation from the Textile and Fashion Department and discussions with Gary Markle. I wanted to work directly with students and Gary made that possible. Thanks to Melanie Colosimo, Kate Walchuk and Anna Leonowens Gallery for supporting the residency and Kate for being there, always with a smile, when I need her. Admiration and appreciation goes out to Anke Fox single-handedly sourced and gathered all the clothing and much, much more.

Thank you to all the professors who brought their classes to the Sorting Party and to the students who sorted, folded and piled the clothes and helped me work out the installation. Without you this work would not have come into being.

Mindy Yan Miller

Kim Morgan: Intermediate Sculpture.


Heather Savard

David Knight
Connor MacKinnon
Colby Ronahan
Victoria McInnis
Devin Chambers
Joana Palma
Emily Prevost


Barbara Lounder’s Foundation class

Jake Bessai                            
Shauna Crane                            
Logan Fuller                            
Connor Leet                            
Theresa Morris                            
Oliver Page                            
Sam Pennyfather                            
Hannah Proctor                            
Annabelle Ren                            
Isabelle Sain                            
Q (Raquel) Silva                            
Martin Snowball                            
Andrew Stackhouse                            
Rena Tom                            
Jasmine Wood                            

Karin Cope: Art and Activism

Andrew Godsalve

Arianna Richardson

Emily Foster

Grey Muldoon

Beatrice Shilton

Skylar Gardner

Mary Labonte


Jennifer Green: Textiles Studio


Hannah Paton

Emily Guidry

Heather Swales

Monique Anderson

Cynthia Martin

Sarah Brooks

Charlie Mattatall

Camila Salcedo Guevara

Juliana Naccarato

Andreea Murgu

Liza Grand

Dohee Lee


Rebecca Hannon: Traditional Techniques

Pamela Juarez
Samantha Petroff
Meghan Francis
Devon Jones
Jeff Fan
Ayah Bensalim
Lauren Bower
Zhaoying Li
William Shaw
Fiona McInerney
Meng Qiu
Riley McPherson
Morgan Mitchell
Kristyn Reppas
Cassandra Stubbington


Gary Markle and Tabitha Osler: Intermediate Fashion

Monique Anderson
Kelsey Borden
Kate Campbell
Laura de Gouw
Emma Hines
Mary Ketterling
Michaela Klassen
Jennifer Kobler
Amanda Tickner
Courtney Turner
Brianna West




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