ARTIST TALK – Genevieve Brideau, Thurs 16 February, 12 Noon, PORT LOGGIA GALLERY

Undergraduate Genevieve Brideau will discuss their exhibition at 12 Noon on Thurs 16 February in the PORT LOGGIA GALLERY, 1107 Marginal Road, Halifax NS. Everyone is welcome!

February 10 – 21, 2017
Je vous emmène
Geneviève Brideau, undergraduate exhibitor

Brideau employs careful architectural observation in their showcase of soft sculpture. Three components form a single experience: one sculpture, one installation, and one performance. The artist offers, “A story, a path, a place, a being, Je vous emmène reconsiders and transforms the Port Loggia Gallery to create a journey that takes you to a place of colours and textures, fantasy and play.”

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