ARTIST TALK – Erica Flake, Fri 20 Jan, 12 Noon

Undergraduate exhibitor Erica Flake will discuss her exhibition in Gallery 3 at 12 Noon on Fri 20 January.

Gallery 3
Of Shipwrecks, Seascapes and Sacred Cenotes
Erica Flake, undergraduate exhibitor

Sacred Cenote is a natural well at Chichen Itza that is permanently stained ‘Maya Blue’, a pigment used by the Aztecs to adorn human sacrifices. Maya Blue has baffled scientists for years as it has stayed impeccably vibrant and hasn’t faded from exposure to the sun. Sacred Cenote not only carries the colour of the dead, but still contains their remains at the bottom of the well. Similar to Sacred Cenote, Halifax, Nova Scotia is well-known world wide as a site of unfortunate nautical tragedies. Come experience the peaceful, gloomy, and immersive environment of an underwater graveyard in Gallery 3.

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