ALVIN COMITER – Artist Talk, Photopolis, Thurs 2 Nov, 12 Noon

Alvin Comiter will discuss his exhibition in Gallery 3 at 12 Noon on Thurs 2 November. Everyone is welcome!

Gallery 3
Alvin Comiter, faculty exhibitor
in partnership with Photopolis: The Halifax Festival of Photography

Comiter offers, “Thinking back over a lifetime of looking at photographs, arguably, my best memories are from student days when visiting artists would turn off the lights and a carousel projector would flip through a tray of 80 slides that no one had seen before.  Here are my 80 photographs, projected in the dark, taken in Halifax parks and gardens over the last five years. Most are from the off-leash section of Point Pleasant Park – a jumble of tree trunks, branches and brush that my dog sniffed at, seemingly intent on solving a crime; subject matter that I had previously snubbed my nose at in favour of more urban misdemeanours.  An example of the dog leading the master – in this case, taking me to a place where I would puzzle over how to turn a visceral reaction to a landscape into something like a clever, earnest picture.”

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