1PM TALK – TUES 23 JAN – Camila Salcedo

Camila Salcedo will discuss their exhibition at 1pm on Tues 23 January in Gallery 3. Everyone is welcome!

Gallery 3
Camila Salcedo, undergraduate exhibitor

equis, meaning the letter ‘X’ in spanish, presents textiles, video and performance works. As a Venezuelan-Canadian, Camila Salcedo explores the theme of Latinx identity through the use of flags as source material for tapestry weaving. Focusing on the visual language of weaving, Salcedo communicates themes of immigration, layering, duality, spanglish, dissemination of borders, and hybridity of identities. The letter ‘X’ also references the unknown, the “other”, and the Roman numeral ten, representing Salcedo’s tenth year living in Canada.

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