1PM TALK – Lucy Pauker, Wed 14 March

Lucy Pauker will discuss her exhibition in Gallery 3 at 1pm on Wed 14 March

replace the oranges with door knobs
Lucy Marrion Pauker, undergraduate exhibitor  
Gallery 3

Painter Agnes Martin, when questioned on her gender and sexual orientation was quoted “I’m not a woman, I’m a doorknob, leading a quiet existence.” Susannah Heschel, Jewish feminist scholar, created the tradition of placing an orange on a seder plate to represent LGBTQ+ Jews. These queer acts of resistance resulting in surrealist objects, that are absurd, funny and poignant, are two of the 6 narratives that Lucy Pauker explores in this exhibition. These stories unfold and connect through visual metaphor and material mind-mapping, utilizing the structures of watersheds, seams, pockets and weaving.


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